Property Management Services  

Full Management 13% (incl VAT) - Our speciality package is our full management service. We will manage your property with care and professionalism from start to finish. This package includes:

  • 1. Full, free market appraisal to find out the best price to rent your property at.
  • 2 .Stylish photos maximising your properties potential will be used to advertise your home. Complete with a sophisticated and professionally worded description.
  • 3. Advertising on the UK's number one property website: Rightmove, also advertised on Zoopla and our website. 
  • 4. All viewings arranged and accompanied.
  • 5. Once a suitable tenant is found they will be fully referenced. Without complete approval the tenant will not be able to move into the property.
  • 6. If required, legally binding contracts will be drawn up at cost to the landlord. Once the agreement is approved by the landlord it will be sent to the tenant to sign.
  • 7. Inventory make (if required) arranged. All meter readings will be taken and rung through and the council notified of the new tenants.
  • 8. GSC arrange if required. 
  • 9. The deposit will be registered and paid into the DPS
  • 10. Once all payments have been made and contracts signed, we will meet the tenant at the property and a check-in clerk will release the keys and talk them through the inventory.
  • 11. From then on we will be the first port of call for the tenant if there are any maintenance issues or queries.
  • 12. Any works required in the house will be approved by the landlord first.
  • 13. Any works the landlord requires will be arranged and managed by us.
  • 14. Rent will be transferred from us over to the landlord monthly, deducting any maintenance works or costs. A statement breakdown will also be sent monthly.
  • 15. We will draw up the paper work for tenancy renewals.
  • 16. On move out a check out will be arranged, along with any cleaning required. We will handle the release of the deposit and advise of any deductions. 

Rent collection 10% (Incl VAT) - Our rent collection package enables you to manage your own property in the way you would like. We will ensure a smooth move in from the tenant and collect the rent monthly and then we will hand it over to you. 

  •  We will handle the initial steps to letting out your property (steps 1 - 10 above).
  • Once the term begins we will collect the rent from the tenant monthly and transfer it to the landlord. We will be responsible for payment chasing.
  • We will draw up renewal documents (if required) at cost to the landlord. 
  • On termination of the lease, we will arrange a check-out for the property and we will handle the release of the deposit, advising of any deductions.
  • At the end of the tenancy any cleaning and maintenance work needed can be arranged at cost to the landlord. 

Tenant Introduction Only 8% (Incl VAT) - We will find you a suitable tenant for your property. After two years of the tenants occupation we will no longer charge you any commission.

  • We will handle the initial steps of letting out your property (steps 1 - 6).
  • We will also register the deposit with the DPS & on move out we will handle the release of the deposit at the request of the landlord.