Need a Property PA? 

At Blueberry London we offer a personalised and cost effective property management and investment service. Blueberry was created to make investment management centralised and simple. We will be your property PA, whether the job is to manage your investment, find high yield investment properties or simply to offer relocation services and advice. All of your property needs will be taken care of with efficiency and precision. Our exclusive service is unique in that you will deal with only one property PA throughout the course of your interaction with us. Our service model is designed like this to deliver a truly personalised experience to our clients, to eliminate confusion and to facilitate the highly efficient, transparent and reliable service that we offer. Your personal property PA will handle all of your property needs from start to finish.

About the founder

With seven years working in the real estate industry, independently managing properties for high net worth individuals, Charlotte has a passion for property and high class customer service. With a deep understanding of the investor's market in London, her skills and expertise overlook an incredibly efficient and precise operation.